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Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Baby

I am finally getting back to normal after being out of pocket for the birth of our first grandson.  I guess I will have to quit calling my grandchildren, grandgirls. 

Isn't he just the most beautiful thing you ever saw.  I think he's already stolen his granny's heart.

Now it's time to get back to normal.  We have been attending several classes through my work. One of them is a beginner beekeeping class through my work.  It is pretty interesting.  We will be ordering our hive and equipment soon. Another one was Backyard Chickens and even though we have had chickens for about 8 years it was nice to be able to learn a few things. The other one Greg had to take alone because I was at the hospital with our daughter and it was a class on raising pigs.  The extension offices in our area have had some really good classes this year.

We are planning to start pigs & bees this year and increase our chickens by adding some meat chickens. 

I received so bare root strawberries from work (free) so they have been planted in one of the raised beds we started last year.  Planning for the garden has started. I have ordered my zipper cream pea seeds and will try to get the same corn we grew last year. It was the sweetest corn we've ever grown and it produced really well. I still have quite a bit of it in the freezer so we will be eating lots of corn over the next few months. 

Spring has me itching to get outside. Hopefully this weekend I will get to work in my flower beds, at least.

Have a great day!