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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Things are beginning to get back to normal around our house.  We have a new and improved back door. Now someone is going to have to work real hard to kick in our back door. And they are going to have do it out in the open where people driving by can see them doing it.  Our insurance has paid us so now all we have to do is try to replace some of the items that were stolen. Some just aren't replaceable.  I know I could go buy more jewelry but it just doesn't mean anything when you buy it for yourself.

I have recently discovered something new (to me, anyway). If you text DEALS to 28767, you get a text back with a coupon code for Family Dollar's deal of the day.  Now that I work in the county that I live in Family Dollar is 2 minutes down the road.  I can go on my lunch hour and get the deal.  Yesterday the deal was $2 off Angel Soft tp, today it was $2 off Sparkle paper towels which were on sale for $4.45 for 6 rolls. That made them $2.45+tax.  I haven't tried it yet but since this is a store coupon I would think a manufacturers coupon would work with that coupon.  My Sparkle coupons were expired. But that is less than $.44 per roll even with taxes. That's a darn good deal.  Since we don't use many paper towels they will last us at least 6 months.  The Angel Soft turned out to be $.30 cents per roll.  I don't think that's the cheapest I ever got it, but still a good deal. If you sign up for their emails they send you an email every day telling you what the deal of the day is and you can decide if you want to text or not.

Our garden was pretty much a bust this year.  We are finally eating tomatoes and we got squash one mess of green beans, some peppers and cabbage. The deer got everything else.

We have started feeding the bees. It's been pretty dry around here so not enough pollen for them. Now that the sunflowers are blooming they are crawling with bees. Hopefully we will have a wetter fall and the goldenrods will bloom a lot.

I am planning to have a yard sale when our community has theirs in September so I am going thru stuff to get rid of. Hopefully I can find enough stuff to make a few bucks.

I am getting ready for fall and thinking about Christmas. Got to get the shopping done soon so I am not having to do that close to Christmas.

Have a great day,

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Break In

We have experienced more loss this week. When I came home on Tuesday, our back storm door was open; then when I looked in the house the back kitchen door was standing wide open. For a minute I thought Greg had accidentally left the house open all day. I didn't realize we had been broken in to until I tried to close the door behind me and saw that it had been kicked in. Even then I guess I really didn't realize what had happened. I called Greg to see if he had had to kick the door in for some reason. Then I saw that my laptop was missing. I got off the phone with Greg and called 911.  They told me to go sit in my car until the Sheriff came. I tried but I had left my keys in the house and it was too hot to sit in the car until the officer got there. So I just stayed outside.  When we went back in we saw that they had stolen pretty much all of my jewelry, my laptop and a couple of hand guns.

I had jewelry from all over the world, a ring my brother gave me from Morocco, a cameo my brother-in-law had given me for graduation that was made from the ash of Mt Etna, a gold chain my husband bought in Saudi Arabia, I can't even begin to value these items. And then there was a couple of antique pairs of earrings, a necklace another brother-in-law had given me when my sister died, gold & diamond earrings, gemstone bracelet and earrings all from husband over the 35 years we've been married. And the necklace he gave me on our wedding night.

But I guess the last straw was when I realized they had taken a pillow case off MY bed, to put MY stuff they were stealing from MY house in.  That really just burns my butt! How can you be so SORRY that you can't even take something of your own to put the stuff you are stealing in?

It is all very frustrating and I have to admit that I am having a very hard time having a Christian attitude towards the people who would do such a thing. I am very thankful that we weren't home at the time and do pray that no one gets hurt with the hand guns. And I realize it is just stuff. But it really makes me angry that you work hard for 35 years then some punk can come in and in less than 5 minutes take the things that you have worked so hard for just to get some quick drug money! URGGG!

I will be alright and get over this in time.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deerly Disgusted

We had such a nice crop of corn coming on. Big tall dark green plants, loaded with 2-3 ears on each stalk. The silks were just beginning to turn brown.  And over the course of a week and a half the deer have eaten all but two of those ears.  We tied twine around the garden, sprayed it with the stinky stuff that is supposed to keep the deer out, put up pie pans to blow in the wind, and even a little human urine, nothing stopped them.

One day Greg saw 4 deer in the garden, munching away. Getting fat and happy at our expense!

They are cute, and we all love to watch them...but this year I hope Greg gets his bag limit (which for does, is unlimited in our county) and we will turn the tables next year. Hopefully we will be eating those deer that have fattened up on our corn and did I mention they have also eaten all of our green beans, too. 

It gets very disgusting to put so much work into something then there is absolutely nothing you can do to keep it from getting destroyed. 

On a brighter note: I have been picking lots of blackberries, I have already made two batches of jelly. The tomatoes are getting ripe and we have had a very successful year with squash and cabbage. So our freezer is not empty.

Guess I'll be headed to the farmer's market for corn and green beans.

Have a great day!