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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deerly Disgusted

We had such a nice crop of corn coming on. Big tall dark green plants, loaded with 2-3 ears on each stalk. The silks were just beginning to turn brown.  And over the course of a week and a half the deer have eaten all but two of those ears.  We tied twine around the garden, sprayed it with the stinky stuff that is supposed to keep the deer out, put up pie pans to blow in the wind, and even a little human urine, nothing stopped them.

One day Greg saw 4 deer in the garden, munching away. Getting fat and happy at our expense!

They are cute, and we all love to watch them...but this year I hope Greg gets his bag limit (which for does, is unlimited in our county) and we will turn the tables next year. Hopefully we will be eating those deer that have fattened up on our corn and did I mention they have also eaten all of our green beans, too. 

It gets very disgusting to put so much work into something then there is absolutely nothing you can do to keep it from getting destroyed. 

On a brighter note: I have been picking lots of blackberries, I have already made two batches of jelly. The tomatoes are getting ripe and we have had a very successful year with squash and cabbage. So our freezer is not empty.

Guess I'll be headed to the farmer's market for corn and green beans.

Have a great day!

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