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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Break In

We have experienced more loss this week. When I came home on Tuesday, our back storm door was open; then when I looked in the house the back kitchen door was standing wide open. For a minute I thought Greg had accidentally left the house open all day. I didn't realize we had been broken in to until I tried to close the door behind me and saw that it had been kicked in. Even then I guess I really didn't realize what had happened. I called Greg to see if he had had to kick the door in for some reason. Then I saw that my laptop was missing. I got off the phone with Greg and called 911.  They told me to go sit in my car until the Sheriff came. I tried but I had left my keys in the house and it was too hot to sit in the car until the officer got there. So I just stayed outside.  When we went back in we saw that they had stolen pretty much all of my jewelry, my laptop and a couple of hand guns.

I had jewelry from all over the world, a ring my brother gave me from Morocco, a cameo my brother-in-law had given me for graduation that was made from the ash of Mt Etna, a gold chain my husband bought in Saudi Arabia, I can't even begin to value these items. And then there was a couple of antique pairs of earrings, a necklace another brother-in-law had given me when my sister died, gold & diamond earrings, gemstone bracelet and earrings all from husband over the 35 years we've been married. And the necklace he gave me on our wedding night.

But I guess the last straw was when I realized they had taken a pillow case off MY bed, to put MY stuff they were stealing from MY house in.  That really just burns my butt! How can you be so SORRY that you can't even take something of your own to put the stuff you are stealing in?

It is all very frustrating and I have to admit that I am having a very hard time having a Christian attitude towards the people who would do such a thing. I am very thankful that we weren't home at the time and do pray that no one gets hurt with the hand guns. And I realize it is just stuff. But it really makes me angry that you work hard for 35 years then some punk can come in and in less than 5 minutes take the things that you have worked so hard for just to get some quick drug money! URGGG!

I will be alright and get over this in time.

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