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Friday, October 7, 2011

Fun Times

This week has been really busy at work. We have a program every other year that teaches school children about farms and this was the week for it. The schools go on a field trip to our old farmer's market parking lot where there is a big tent set up. Then they go from station to station learning about where their food comes from. They get to learn about dairy cows, beef cows, sheep & goats, pigs, corn & soybeans, hay, and a pizza garden. There are also tractors for display and tractors & hay wagons for hay rides up to the farmer's market where they learn about vegetables and fruit. This year I got to be a tour guide for a few of the groups. It is amazing how much some of the children knew and also how little some of them knew. It is a wonderful program and I am glad that I got to be part of it. It was a lot of fun!

I also, got to bring home 15 baby chicks. So we have added to our flock and I think we are now up to 31 chickens again. The batch we bought in July have now started laying and we are back in the egg business. It broke my heart to have to buy eggs from the store. Fortunately, I only had to buy them twice. I am so glad we are getting fresh eggs again!

I have picked green tomatoes and bell peppers from the garden and stored them for winter. I will check the garden again this weekend for anymore tomatoes. It's been so warm here this week I wish I had left the tomatoes out in the garden to ripen. But maybe there will be some more out there this weekend that are almost ripe.

I am beginning to think about the holidays and have already began Christmas shopping. My grocery needs are minimal at the moment so I am going to spend some of the extra money to stock up on baking supplies and other things that will be needed for the holidays. I would like to be done with every thing by the weekend before Thanksgiving. We will decorate our house that weekend and then head to Georgia for Thanksgiving the Monday before.

Have a great weekend!

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