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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We have had a cool snap and it has me getting in the Fall mood.  I don't know what it is about this time of year that I love so much.  Since I really don't like Winter, you would think I wouldn't like Fall as it ushers in Winter.  My father did not like Fall at all.  He said it was a time of year when everything was dying. He did love life and everything about it so I can see why he wouldn't care much for a time of year when everything was dying.

I tend to look at Fall as a time when everything is resting.  The major work of Summer-gardening, canning, mowing, etc- is over. Winter hasn't set in yet so you can still get outside and do things without burning up. I look forward to the resting time Fall brings. I feel as if I get rejuvenated with the cooler weather.

I am trying to put off decorating for fall as it is only the middle of August and every season must have it's time.  

The garden has been the best it has ever been this year.  We actually got 153 ears of corn, before the raccoons got it all.  The green beans are doing well. We have put about 18 quarts in the freezer and they are still blooming and producing.  We have gotten lots of bell and jalapeno peppers and tons of Basil, Sage & Parsley.  Today I picked more Sage, Thyme and Chives from the herb garden at work and will have the dehydrator running again tonight.  Our tomatoes are puzzling this year.  We have lots of them, but they don't seem to want to get ripe.  I picked a few and put them on the window sill to see if that will help. Our area has been fortunate in that we have had quite a bit of rain when people just a few miles north of us have had drought.

The drought and impending winter has me in the stocking up mode.  I believe that prices are going to be rising drastically in the next year.  So, with that in mind I am using every penny of my grocery money to stock up.  This week I bought 25 pounds of rice, never in my life have I bought that much rice at one time even when every one was stocking up for Y2K, I didn't get into it.  This drought is going to make farmer's sell off their cattle sooner and not restock because they can't afford to feed them. And the price of corn and soybeans is going to affect almost everything.

Kendra at New Life on a Homestead has a very good post on her blog about the drought that really got me thinking. Stop over and read it

I think it is wise to buy now before the prices go even higher than they already are. If you have a few extra dollars invest in food.

Hmmm, this seems like a positive post that turned negative at the end.  I don't mean to be negative and I don't actually feel negative, we are blessed to be able to see what is coming in the future and prepare for it.


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