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Friday, April 4, 2014

Planning & Doing

Now that Spring is finally here we are making plans and preparations on the farm. We have ordered 75 chicks from Cackle Hatchery. We ordered their Hungry Man special. This will be our first try at meat chickens. We decided to go ahead with the Cornish Cross and try to slow their growth a little. Everything we have read says since that is the meat we are used to, we will like it better. And since we are hoping to eventually sell the meat chickens we decided to stick with what people are used to. We will also get 25 brown egg layers with the order. This will give us more eggs to sell. The chickens will arrive on the 21st of April.

We have also ordered two packages of bees. Our bee hive has been empty since late fall. So we ordered bees for that hive and a new hive. We will pick up the bees on April 27th.  We are going to buy another hive on the 18th.

We are also looking into getting rabbits. Since the kids are staying with us Dixie has decided that she wants to raise rabbits.  The first 4-H rabbit club meeting that she can attend is the 21st of April. We want to have at least one rabbit ready for her by then.

Daniel and I also planted some potatoes. It is a bit early here for planting potatoes. But we thought we'd experiment with the barrel again. It has been warm enough here for them, so far.  I am afraid they might drown with all the rain we have been having.

Daniel also installed on of our rain barrels by the side of the house, and it is overflowing today. We have had over 3 inches of rain in the last two days.

I am making garden plans and once it is dry enough, hope to get some peas, lettuce and cabbage planted.

I am so glad Spring is here!

Have a great day!

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