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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Summer is really different this year. We have had so much rain our chances of getting anything from the small garden we planted are pretty slim.

Last night we had a really bad storm. Lots of wind, blew branches all over the yard and toppled the patio set.

Sunday evening we did have a chance to ride the UTV around the farm and pick blackberries. Most of them still aren't ripe yet so we only had about 2 cups after we picked all that we could get to on the fence rows and the domestic ones we have planted. I went on a search for something to make from that little bit of blackberries, and this is what I found on Pinterest:   I made it last night and it turned out really good. Greg and I both liked it. Here is my picture. I took the picture this morning and the glaze has kind of seeped into the cake but it was still delicious.

 This was my breakfast this morning. I really like how the berries seem to just liquify and become wonderful little pockets of yumminess.

 It seems like it's really hard to find recipes that only call for a little bit of fruit or vegetables so I am creating a Pinterest board for recipes like that. You can follow it here:

 Have a great day!


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