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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I finally did the test that the Doctor ordered and will hopefully find out for sure this week that all is well. He doesn't seem to think that I have cancer and that was a great relief! I pray the test proves him right.

The weather here has been really cold this week. We even had snow flurries...brrrr! Hopefully that is the last of it for this year.

I hope that it hasn't killed my cherries for the year. The blossoms were just starting to pop open. I am really looking forward to a cherry pie.

Our new chickens are starting to lay and the older girls are picking up again too. We are getting about 2 dozen eggs a day now.

The baby goats are doing well as are the rest of the goats. Garden plans are being made, if it ever gets dry enough to get in it to till and plant.

We are getting ready to re-do the living room. I am ordering new furniture, the first in a long time. I am so excited to get it. I'll have to post pics when i get it.

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