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Friday, June 19, 2009

Vacation Time Again

We are getting ready to go on vacation again. We will be going to Florida to see Daniel, Larissa & Dixie. I am so excited to see them. Then we will go back up to Georgia for the family 4th of July bash. It is always a lot of fun. We enjoy this time we get to spend with so many nieces and nephews, their children and of course my sisters. There is no telling what we may get into, but the the theme for the 4th this year is the Old West. Should be interesting.

My treatment is tonight (thank God for that.) My treatments will be put on hold until further notice after this one. It seems the plant that makes the medicine has been contaminated by a virus and so no one will be getting their treatments. Pray for the people in the world that has Gaucher's disease. The treatment that we take only reverses the effects of the disease. It does not cure it. Going without the treatment allows all those effects to build up. There are people who have much worse cases than I do (my sister for one) that need their treatment to desperately. I hope they make it through without too much pain.

Tomorrow night we pack, get the bills ready to be mailed while we are on vacation, clean the house, etc. Saturday morning at 4:00 a.m. sharp (we've never left right on the dot) we are Florida bound!! I do dread the drive...we aren't getting any younger, ya know. But, it will be a fun time.

My grocery shopping this week cost a whole $12.23.
6 2 liters Diet Pepsi buy 4 for $5.00/get 2 free-3/$1.50 coupon when you by popcorn & soda = -$2.00
6 3 pks Orville Reddenbacher Popcorn $1.99 had 2 coupons for .50 doubled off= 9.94
4 pkgs. Oscar Mayer hot dogs $1.38 had 2 $1.00/2 coups = 3.52
Kroger was doing $3.00 off 10 items =11.46 + tax, of course.

I am trying to keep better track of my coupon savings so I will be posting those here.

My grocery spending went from $92.00 a week in May to $51.00 in June. Hope I can keep that up, but I know I will have to buy more meat next month than I did this month.


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