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Friday, June 4, 2010

What's Been Going On?

A lot. Last weekend we had a missionary stay with us. We knew him when he was a little kid back in Jacksonville. Our new church is looking for missionaries to support and since he just started his deputation, we invited him to come to our church. We enjoyed his company.

Monday April and Pete came over and we were actually able to get in the pool. The water has been so nice for this early in the year. We got a little sunburned, but that is getting better.

We grilled flank steaks on the grill and Greg made his famous home fries and corn on the cob on the grill. We cooked the whole meal on the grill and then ate it outside. The weather has really been great! Most people here think it's hot, but I LIKE it!

Our garden is pretty much planted. I still need to get some squash planted. It turned out I didn't have any seeds. I'll try to pick some up this weekend and get them planted.

The potatoes in the barrels are getting huge. I have stopped adding soil to the barrels. Last night I dug down to see if I could find any potatoes, but didn't find any yet.

Daniel called me last night to learn how to make blackberry jelly. They have been picking them in Florida and they should be making jelly today. I hope it turns out well for them. Our blackberries are coming on nicely. We even have a few that have turned red.

There is a tomato blight spreading through Northern Kentucky so I need to get copper to put on them. It is a very bad blight and seems to kill the plant within just a couple of days. Ours still look healthy, but I don't want to lose them.

I pray you have a good productive or lazy weekend. Whichever you'd like. I'd personally like a little of both.


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