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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Honey Baked Ham Bone Review

So I said I would check into the Honey Baked Ham bone deal and let you know about it. I bought one on Thursday and we started eating it last night (Monday). I paid $11.15 for the bone or $2.99 per pound. As you know if you've been reading my blog, I don't usually pay more than $2.00 per pound for meat, unless it's steak or something special. Considering Honey Baked Hams are usually $5.50 per pound, it's a deal.

The bone comes frozen, I thawed it, cut the biggest hunk of meat off and baked it for about an hour. I baked it because we wanted hot ham sandwiches. If I had sliced it while it was cold, with my electric knife, I am sure that I could have sliced it thinner and stretched it even more.

Here is the break down for what my $11.15 got me:

Sandwiches for 2 with lots of ham on them
Breakfast biscuits for 2, again, with lots of ham
1 large ham bone with lots of meat still on it for beans
Enough ham and drippings to make boiled potatoes and ham and probably enough to season a pot of green beans
Enough ham for one more sandwich.

I don't think for all that, it was a bad deal for Honey Baked Ham. Ham from the deli counter cost much more. But I bake a pretty good ham myself and can get a lot more meat for $1.69 a pound at the most. Still the Honey Baked Ham was very tasty and convenient. I will probably buy another to have in the freezer for when we need something quick. They do come in different sizes and you can pick one that is less meat, so it would be cheaper.

If you are a small family that really loves Honey Baked Ham, this would be the way to go.

Have a great day!

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