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Monday, February 6, 2012

Turkey Breakdown

Sounds like some sort of dance or something, but really it's a breakdown of expenses for the turkey dinner I prepared this weekend.

Turkey $10.00 (for this first meal we ate less than 25% so I rounded up to $2.50

Leftover cornbread (I consider this free because it would have been counted in the meal we actually ate cornbread.) So $0
Onion - $.10
Cream of Chicken soup - $.80
Poultry Seasoning - $.10
Eggs - (from the chickens, not really free but we don't pay for them)
Butter - $.20
Total $1.10 - We only ate about a third so $.36

Giblet gravy
Flour - $.20
Oil - $.10
giblets (included in price of turkey) - $0
2 Eggs - $0
Broth/water (cooked giblets in water, used that water/broth and extra water) - .$25
Total $.55 used half so $.28

Peas - we grew in our garden - $0
Total for this meal $3.35

Then we took leftovers to our daughters for sandwiches, that meal for 4 of us cost about $4.00. This includes a small fresh loaf of bread that cost $2.25 from the Amish store, chips, and mayo.

Today we are having leftover turkey sandwiches for our lunch and including chips, snacks, fruit and drinks the cost is approximately $2.16

Tonight we will have the leftover turkey, dressing, gravy and green beans. This meal will be about $4.50 because I paid for the green beans.

Hopefully we will have enough turkey leftover to make a turkey pot pie later in the week. I am estimating this meal to cost about $3.00 and that includes some leftover mashed potatoes hanging out in the fridge.

A grand total for this small turkey I made - we have 4 meals for $14.01 and a possible 5th meal making it $17.01. When you average this out it comes in at $3.40 per meal. That's pretty good in my book. Not to mention all the cheap broth from boiling the carcass and maybe even a pot of soup.

It really does pay to buy those turkeys when they go on sale at Thanksgiving. I will bake a turkey at least 3 more times this year.

P.S. This was a Butterball turkey. I have bought Butterballs in the past but usually opt for the cheaper birds. This one had a rebate this year, making it about the same as the store brand birds. I usually always make a good turkey, but with Butterball, you don't have to make a good bird, it's already good. It takes very little in the way of improvements.


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