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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back in the Groove

I am sorry that it has been so long since I have posted. It's not that there hasn't been any thing to write about, I've just been busy. I think I am finally back in the groove.

I am really getting excited about the Holidays this year. My DS, DIL & GD are coming up from Florida for 2 weeks! I haven't seen them since the annual Georgia trip in July. I am sure that my 3 year old granddaughter, Dixie, has grown a lot since then. I can't wait to spoil her a little. My plan is to put a small Christmas tree in the room she will be sleeping in and leaving her a little gift for when she wakes up every morning before Christmas. That will only be 4 gifts and I am talking small, coloring book & crayons, stickers, a huge lollipop, and I haven't figured out the fourth one yet. I want her to be really excited by Christmas morning. I must remind myself to also teach her about the true meaning of Christmas. We usually read the Christmas story from the book of Luke on Christmas morning, but I want to find other ways of telling her about Jesus' birthday.

I have been stocking up on food to get us through the 2 weeks they are here and all the holiday baking. I have planned menus for almost every day. A lot of the food we will eat was grown in my garden over the summer.

Christmas shopping is about 1/3 done. I am trying to order a lot from the internet. I figure if I order from the internet and can not find a free shipping code, I am still saving money. If I go to stores, I always buy things that are really good deals, but not things I need or even intended to buy. So even if I pay $5 or so on shipping I have saved money. I am going out Wednesday before Thanksgiving to try to buy the few things I can not order. I will also be making a few gifts this year and would like to make more every year from now own.

We did lose one of our baby goats this week. We have a nanny named "Mama" that had 2 little ones and the little boy only lived a couple of days. It's always sad to lose one.

DH will be working on the new chicken coops for the 60 babies we have. They are quickly out growing the wading pool we have them in. They eat a lot of starter feed. It will be nice when they start paying for some of their keep. We will be selling their eggs at the Farmers market this year.

Our older chickens are keeping us supplied with plenty of eggs right now. 13 chickens are giving us about 4 dozen eggs a week. We are selling as many as we can find buyers for. We will probably take some to the in-laws Thanksgiving.

Well, I think I am caught up for now. Maybe it won't take so long for me to post next time.


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  1. Well hello there Mae :)

    It is so good to see you and to get an update on the happenings at Mae-Ken Do Farm. It sounds very exciting having your granddaughter coming to visit for a few days. I love your idea of a tree and special presents for her each day. I know she will feel like she is your little princess :) That is such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do for her. The holidays are such a fascinating time of year for children, I really enjoy watching them enjoy every moment.

    I'm sorry to hear that you lost the baby goat, it is difficult to lose our animals, whether they are livestock, pets or livestock that we consider to be pets.

    You're way ahead of me on Christmas shopping. I have gotten a few things for the Seniors I wanted to assist this year and a couple of gifts for each of my children. We payed some bills in advance, "just in case", so now we'll fight the crowds to get some shopping done.

    We also have baby chicks that aren't in the coop yet. I am dreadfully tired of them in the house. If I weren't allergic to birds, I think I could be more tolerant. They are growing quickly, so I am hoping they will make the transition from house to coop soon.

    It was really nice reading your blog today, as always.

    Take Care :)

  2. Sharon,

    Thanks, I was thinking that I would be spoiling her too much by leaving so many gifts, but this is the first Christmas we've had with her so I want it to be special.

    Fortunately we have a shed that out chicks are in. I don't think I could stand all the peeping in the house and the cats might make dinner out of them.

    Thanks also, for the nice compliments. I have been reading your blog every day even if I haven't posted on my. You touch my heart.