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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chocloate Covered Cherries

This is my recipe for Chocolate Covered Cherries. I have been told that they are the best Chocolate Covered Cherries in the world. I hope you will try them.

50 Maraschino Cherries with stems (stems are very important)
1 12 oz package semi sweet chocolate chips
1 T shortening
2 cups confectionery sugar
3 T Butter
3 T light corn syrup
14 t salt.

Drain the cherries on paper towels until most of the juice is removed.

Mix the butter and corn syrup until smooth. Add confectionery sugar and salt. This will form a dough. Powder your hands with confectionery sugar. Pinch off about a teaspoon of the dough. Roll in palms until you have a marble sized ball. Press 1 cherry in the ball and work the dough up the sides of the cherry until it is completely covered. Roll in palms again until smooth. Place on cookie sheet covered in wax paper. Repeat until all cherries are covered in the dough. Place in refrigerator for 2 hours (can be left longer). Keep your hands dry and powdered with the sugar.

In top of double boiler melt chocolate chips and shortening. Use stems to dip the cherries in the chocolate. Make sure you seal up the stem area with the chocolate. After dipping each cherry return to the cookie sheet. Place the cherries back in the refirgerator until set.

I then drizzel melted white chocolate over the tops just to make them pretty. After they are set store in air tight container in fridge. (I think the older they get the better they are)

You can double or triple the recipe for the dough. But I always only do one batch of the chocloate at a time.

I will try to post pictures soon. I have been so busy I really haven't had time to post, I am sorry and I will try to do better.


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  1. I will definitely be trying these for Christmas Eve. Thank you so much Sweet Mae for sharing this recipe :)