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Friday, December 12, 2008

Taking A Break

I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. There are lots of changes going on at my job. I have a new position; I am trying to train the girl who took my position and learn my new one. I had already taken on more responsibility and now with the addition of training someone, work has been very busy. My hours also changed, so I am having to adjust to that.

Christmas is coming faster than I would like. The kids will be here on the 20th and I still don't have the house quite ready, all of the baking or shopping done. So right now I am taking a break. That is why I am posting. This is a break. I will get my thoughts together and tell myself that if everything isn't done I'll be okay with that and so will my family.

I will not think of all the things I have to do this weekend. Ha!

Weekend Plans
Finish outside lights
Get the house ready
Grocery shopping
Gift shopping
A birthday party for my niece on Sunday
Church on Sunday
Baking (if time permits)
Buy elf candy (see below)

When my kids were little, I would put a bag of chocolates (kisses, balls, etc.) in the freezer. About 2 weeks before Christmas I would, at different times each day, ring a jingle bell. The kids would come running for elf candy. The secret is to really hide the candy in the freezer and just before you ring the bell, lay some on the counter. The frozen candy is cold like it would be if it came from the North Pole. (Elf Candy)

I am going to re-start the tradition with my grand kids this year. I am also anxious to see if my adult kids will come running for the elf candy. I think they will.


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  1. Hi Mae,
    I haven't finished yet either. I figure sometime next week I should be back to whatever is considered "normal" for me and I'll do the last minute laps around the house before Mama gets here.

    The elf candy idea is so cute. I know your grandchildren are really going to enjoy that.

    Don't over do it,