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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Money Saving Tips

I have thought of a couple of more tips today. I am going to keep this list going for as long as I come up with more tips. If you have any to offer please leave a comment.

22. Kick the habit: the disposable habit. Paper towels and garbage bags are two of the things that absolutely hate to buy. You buy them with the intent of throwing them away. What else do we buy just to throw away? I haven't figured out how to live with out them yet but I am steadily working on it. Now instead of grabbing a paper towel I reach for a good old rag. I still use paper towels but a roll will last me more than a month now. Garbage bags last a lot longer too. Things that don't have to go in a bag, don't. 2 liter bottles, milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, and the like take up a lot of space in a garbage bag. I just put them in the outside can now, no bagging.
23. Fix leaky faucets.
24. Use it all. Shampoo, body wash, ketchup, anything that can be, turn it upside down to drain it completely of it's contents. I washed my hair 3 times this week from a bottle that I thought was empty. This is one reason I dislike bar soap. You have all these little pieces that you just throw away because you don't know what to do with them. Little, rubber spatulas will help get all the mayonnaise and other condiments from the bottle or jar. Wooden Popsicle sticks will get some pressed makeup from the container after you get all you can with the sponge.

That's all I have for the night.


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