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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's been a really long time since I have posted. I guess I have been busier than I thought. We made our trip to Georgia to visit the family and had a wonderful time. It is always great to spend time with my sisters and nieces while our husbands take a fishing/camping trip. Everyone has a really good time.

We have been redoing the living room, taking down the old wall paper border, painting, and we bought new furniture which arrived yesterday. It is really nice to have the new sofa and chair.

I hope we will get to plant the garden next weekend. It has been too wet here to plant and the hay is getting ready to mow. Hopefully we will have a dry week this week. It suppose to get down in the low 30's tonight, so I guess it's not a bad thing that we haven't planted yet. I must remember to bring in the tomato seedlings tonight.

There is a turkey breast in the oven for Sunday dinner, the washer and dishwasher are busy at work. I must get to work myself. I have to get ready for church.

I will try not to wait so long between post, but we have lots to to in the summer.


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