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Sunday, January 9, 2011


The little grocery store down the road had a really good sale Saturday. Ground chuck was $1.37/pound. Pork steaks were $1.29/pound. Apple juice was $.98, bananas were $.39 and there were several other things that were a really good price.

I called and spoke the meat manager on Friday and she allowed me to order 21 pounds of hamburger and 35 pork steaks. I went to pick it up and with my coupons spent $99.79. This is what I got:

8 packages of hamburger
6 hamburger patties
40 meatballs
2 meat loaves
10 + meals of pork steaks
6 boxes of poptarts
2 boxes of cereal
5 bottles of apple juice
freezer bags
1 20 0z diet coke (free from my coke rewards)
Foot cream

The meatloaves & meatballs are in the freezer already to go. I can just pop them out, throw them in the crock pot and have dinner ready when I get home.

I think that was a fairly successful trip.


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