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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trusting God in the Small Things

Sometimes I think it's fairly easy to trust God when big things come into our lives. Someone we love dies, we turn to God. Family members go through tragedy, we turn to God. We lose a job, we turn to God. Those times in our lives when we know that the only person we can depend on is God, we turn to Him immediately. It's usually the small day to day things we deal with that we tend to leave Him out of.

We can spend hours praying for a family member who is sick and not pray for them at all when they are healthy. We pray for family members going through tragedies when in normal circumstances we forget to pray for them. It's just so easy to forget to lift up the every day, mundane things in prayer. I know I am guilty of leaving God out more than I would like to admit.

If we are trusting Him to get us through the big moments in life, why does it seem so hard to trust Him with the little things? Mostly for me, it's just because, I don't take the time to even think about it. We are just too busy. Or maybe we think He doesn't really care about the little things. I have heard people say "God just doesn't have time to worry about that with everything that is going on in the world." How wrong can we be?

God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. He can be all things to all people. He has time to hear my prayers over the little things as well as the big things.

I know in the past I have prayed before going grocery shopping and when I do it seems like I get the best deals. Sometimes I even get a really great parking space, even when I didn't ask for one. If God wants you to trust Him with your tithe, wouldn't he want your trust in the day to day finances? If He expects you to serve Him doesn't He want to equip you for that service?

This is in no way a New Year's resolution, but this year I don't want to start praying more for the little things in my life by praying:
1. Before any shopping
2. Before paying bills
3. Before making any decisions
4. Before Church services
5. Before having friends/family over
6. Before leaving the house
7. When I am planning my day
8. When I am tired

The bible says we are to pray without ceasing. God wants to hear from us constantly. I pray the He will constantly remind me that He wants to hear from me.

Trust Him,

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