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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today is a cold overcast day. They were calling for snow but so far it's just icy rain. So we are taking a rather lazy approach to the day.

We have been getting movies from Red Box for the last month and they have so many free codes out there that so far we haven't paid for one yet. This weekend we rented Red and Iron Man 2. Red was really good. If you haven't tried Red Box, I would highly recommend it. Kroger gives free codes and I have found some on the Internet. You can return them to any Red Box location.

Today I put 6 of the chicken quarters I got last weekend so cheap in the crock pot. I will use some of them for dinner tonight and BBQ them. Then the rest I am going to make a chicken casserole for later in the week. I am also going to make a pasta salad and fresh tossed salad, and a breakfast casserole. We will have plenty of food in the fridge for quick heat ups and lunches. On Wednesday nights we don't get home until after church and then we are starving and too tired to cook. So we don't have leftovers for lunch as usual. Hopefully all of the cooking I am doing today will help with that.

I have laundry going, and have done some cleaning. I plan to make a trip to CVS to do some shopping. I need a few things and I want to stock up on a couple of items.

Last night at Kroger I did pretty well. I only spent $43.00. If I can keep CVS less than $20.00 today I will be well under my budget this week. I really need to finish this month under budget since I was over budget last week.

I need to put up the snowmen this weekend and get out the Valentine decorations, sweep the floors and mop. But today, I am doing things slowly and stress free. That's the goal NO STRESS.


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