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Friday, April 8, 2011

Daddy's Cake

Once when I was either 5 or 6, (it had to be around that cause we lived in Toombs County then), daddy wasn't feeling well so he stayed home while all the rest of us went to work in tobacco for the day.

At that time, I don't know if I knew that my daddy even knew how to cook, but when we got home he had made dinner (lunch, if you're from up north) for all of us. I don't really remember what the meal was, but I do remember that it was really good. We all enjoyed it. Until he brought out the cake for dessert.

It was the most beautiful cake I'd ever seen. It was just a plain layer cake, no icing, just cake. I know all our mouths had to water to look at it, mine sure did. We didn't get sweets often so we were really excited about this cake.

I can't even remember if we could even cut it. As beautiful as it was, I'd swear it was made out of rubber. If you had thrown it against one wall it would have bounced all the way to the other wall, and it probably would have still been bouncing today. I can't for the life of me figure out what he did to that cake.

He took a lot of teasing over the years about that cake. But as much as we teased him about the cake, we praised him for his Brunswick Stew. He could make some killer Brunswick Stew. And I think he laughed about the cake as much as anyone did. He had a wonderful sense of humor.

He was one of the greatest treasures in my life.


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