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Monday, January 7, 2013


This past weekend was pretty productive.  We got the tree and all the decorations down and put away, the house cleaned, laundry done, and we did our grocery shopping.

I am having to take a look at our grocery budget again.  Prices just keep going up.  I was looking at what one blog considered deals at Kroger this week and it occurred to me that none of the meat was below $2.00 per pound.  If you have read my blog you know that I use to only buy meat that was below $2/pound.  That is getting close to impossible now. But I refuse to pay as much as they are asking for some meats.  Even some of the manager’s specials that were marked down weren’t a deal.  Turkey wings were marked down to $1.79/pound.  They had turkey breast on sale for the same price.  That made no sense at all to me.  Why would you buy wings when you could purchase a whole breast for just a few dollars more.  You’d get more meat and less bone.  I still had money leftover in the grocery money envelope mainly because I just wouldn’t pay the prices they were asking.  Fortunately, I have plenty of food in the house and did not really need anything other than produce.

We are looking into growing chickens for meat this year.  We plan to start with 100. 50 for our freezer and 50 to sell.  Right now we are still doing research on the selling portion.  We also want to expand the egg production.  We are getting more customers than we have eggs for.  That is a good problem to have. 
We are also planning to plant more fruit trees, some rhubarb, and maybe some asparagus and enlarging the garden area.  I would also like to plant grapes, elderberries, gooseberries and strawberries this year.
What is it about winter that makes us yearn for spring so badly?  Every winter all I can think about is what we will plant this year.

Here is my list of blessings that I have counted this week:
Jan 3– I won $5 on the new Kroger game.  I rarely win any thing so I count that as a blessing.  It’s $5 worth of food off my next purchase.
Jan 4– Sunshine-it is so nice to see the sun shining and feel the warmth if offers.  We have had snow on the ground for several days now and it is still too cold for it to melt but it’s still nice having the sunshine.
Jan 5– Was able to get my tree down and get my house back to normal
Jan 6– I managed to get everything we needed from the grocery store and still have money leftover in the grocery envelope.
Jan 7– It’s treatment day and I know that I am blessed to be able to continue on treatments that cost so much with very little coming out of my pocket.

Have a great day.

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