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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dial Foaming Hand Soap Review

As a Purex Insider I received some Dial Foaming Hand Soap to review.  The bottle of one of them had peppermint swirl on the front so I thought it would smell like peppermint.  I used it first as I thought it was a Christmasy scent.  Even without the scent I was expecting I really liked it.  I noticed that my hands did not seem to dry out too much from using it and the bottle is very pretty sitting by the sink.  I smells clean and lathers nicely.  I would recommend Dial Foaming Hand Soap.  It is antibacterial and while I don't use a lot of antibacterial products because we have a septic tank, and I think you do need some bacteria, I like to use antibacterial hand wash during the cold and flu season which we know we are right in the middle of a pretty bad flu season this year.  It makes you feel as if your hands are clean and they also feel soft.


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