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Thursday, September 19, 2013


So it seems like all of my last few post have been about pretty negative things that have been going on.  Since I am not normally negative it's time to get back to my normal self.

I have been doing much better at being grounded than I thought I would.  I am still being able to clean in 10 minute spurts and am really making quite a bit of headway on some things that have been let go lately.  Most of the laundry is staying caught up. I only have 3 more cabinets in the kitchen to clean out and de-clutter.  I've learned to sit on the bar stool in front of the stove to do a lot of cooking.  So I am adapting and that's a good thing.

I have been looking a Pinterest a lot lately and actually putting some of the organizational ideas to use.  I cleaned out the fridge and put Press and Seal over the shelves. At first I didn't think it was actually going to stick to the shelves, but guess what? It works.  Now when something leaks on the shelf all I have to do is replace the Press and Seal.  I finally found some stack-able drawers that fit under my bathroom sink and now it is all organized under there.

There is a huge cabinet over my fridge that use to be so cluttered every time you opened it you took a chance on something falling on your head.  I found a big plastic drawer that fit in the cabinet and now all the little things that were just thrown in the cabinet are in the drawer and it still left me enough room to stack stuff on top of and beside the drawer.

There was a post that I read somewhere where someone took the 28 quart plastic tubs and put in her kitchen cabinets to make pull out shelves.  I bought a couple for one of my cabinets and once again, it worked!

Getting organized is a great thing. And whoever is pining all those wonderful ideas on Pinterest, keep up the good work.

Fall is in the air here and I am making my first batch of soup tomorrow night.  I have some leftover ham that needs to be consumed before it gets bad. I haven't really decided what will be in the soup other than ham, but I will try to post what I did (if it turns out good).

Feeling empowered since I have actually been able to accomplish a few things.

Have a great day!

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