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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Since groceries are one of the biggest expenses most of us have, I am always looking for a way to save money when grocery shopping.  I use coupons, shop sales, and everything else I can think of to save money in this area. has released a new grocery money saving app-FAVADO.  I have downloaded it on my phone and tested it out a little.  Even the little bit that I have used it has been wonderful.

You download the app, enter the stores that you want to use it on and that's the beginning.  It had every possible store in my area to choose from. Simple and easy.  What I like about the app is that you can search for an item and it will tell you which store it is cheapest at. It will also tell you if there are coupons available for that item.  You add your items to your shopping list, then email the list to yourself.  When you check your email, the items are there with the links to print your coupons.

Go here to download the app: Favado Download. You will love this new app!

Have a great day!

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