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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It Seems Like Forever...

since I've posted. We have been through a lot and doing a lot in the last few weeks which has left me little time to post.

I've had a sore throat for over a month now. Hopefully this time will be the last time for a while. I have found out that I probably will not get another treatment until the end of the year. Keep me in your prayers, because even when I get them regularly, I get very run down and tired before the next one. I can't imagine what it will be like to go four months without one.

I feel like I haven't been doing anything to write about, even though I've really been doing a lot. Most of it just wasn't in the garden or around the house.

Work has been busy, we do a lot for our county fair, and now that that is over it's time for school to start and that means the 4-H work gets busy again.

We really didn't do much in the garden this year, our weather would not cooperate with our work schedule, so I have been buying some things from local farmers to put up. I've put up corn, and will buy more to put up, blackberries, from my bushes, blue berries, really cheap at Kroger, and peaches from Georgia.

I still have a lot of vegetables leftover from last year so I am not really worried about putting up too much. Maybe this is my year for a break from canning as much as I did last year.

We are thinking about selling some of our chickens, we have soooooo many eggs. We sell a few but can't keep ahead of the chickens. They are little factories that put out way too much product. We eat eggs almost every day. I usually boil 2 dozen on the weekend for use during the week and we eat fried or scrambled eggs almost every morning for breakfast.

The little chicks that hatched are mixed breeds and they are really kind of ugly. Still cute in a way, I don't know what they will turn out to be, but 2 of them look like they may be green egg layers (if they aren't roosters). We will just wait and see how they turn out.

Have a good day.

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  1. I'm sorry you're having to wait for more meds. I know that's got to be so hard on you. I'll be praying for you and your sister.

    I remember your long list of things you canned last year and it doesn't surprise me that you don't need to do much canning this year. You did a lot of work and surely deserve the break from it all.

    I did quite a bit of reading tonight to get caught up on your blog. You've left a lot of really helpful information that I appreciate. You know we're trying to make ends meet on unemployment right now and your tips for making it through this were really good ones.

    Your advice and tips are always helpful and I do take your advice to heart. I hope everyone else who knows you, appreciates your wisdom.

    Our hens have been laying well too. We're thinking about selling a dozen or so just to cut back a little bit. We'll see :)

    I hope you are feeling better and if you ever want to chat, you've got my email and if you want my phone number I'll send that to you too.