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Monday, November 2, 2009

Start the Week Full and Empty...

I am making a new resolution. Yes, the New Year is still a couple of months away, but if I start practicing now, I may have it down by then.

I am going to attempt to start my week off full or empty. Here is my plan:

Linen closet—full of clean towels, washcloths, hand towels, and bed linens
Bathroom—Soap dispenser— full, toilet paper basket—full, cabinet—full of, soap shampoo,
conditioner, toothpaste, shaving cream
Bedroom—Drawers & closets full of clean clothes
Kitchen—Fridge & pantry full of food for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Soda can dispenser
full, dish towel basket—full of clean dish clothes, Napkin basket—full of clean napkins
Salt & pepper shakers—full
Drawers & cabinets—full of clean dishes and utensils
Garbage can—empty
Laundry basket—empty
Living room—empty of clutter
Menu planner—full of menus for the week

I figure if take the time over the weekend to make sure these things are done, the rest of the week should be a lot easier. A lot of these things are already being done, it’s just the little things I haven’t been doing that should make a big difference.

Little things like having the soap dispensers full, mean that DH will not take a bar of soap out of the shower and lay it on the sink. This makes a big mess on the sink that will not have to be cleaned. There are a lot of these little things that I don’t take the time to think about sometimes and they can just really throw a monkey wrench in things at the last minute.

Here’s hoping I can stick to it.

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