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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am getting excited about Thanksgiving. I get to go home this year. We are driving to GA on Wednesday and staying through Friday. Then on down to FL to spend the weekend with our Son and his family. They will be in GA when we get there and we will all drive back to FL together.

We will be having Granddaughter Dixie's birthday party on Saturday and the our son Daniel is being ordained as a deacon on Sunday evening. It will be a great weekend.

I am off work from Monday through December 2nd. I do have a lot to do on the days I will be at home. I have to get my house all decorated for Christmas before we leave for GA. I am hosting the Ladies' meeting at my house on the 5th and I want everything to be all decked out when they come. It usually takes me almost 2 weeks to get all the decorations out, I just don't have that kind of time this year. I really will only have 4 days to get it all done in.

We are having Thanksgiving dinner at church this Sunday. I have to make a turkey, dressing, green beans and a dessert. Tonight I will make the cornbread for the dressing and decide what dessert I will make. Tomorrow night I will make the dessert. Saturday I will cook the turkey, dressing and green beans.

I love Thanksgiving dinner. It is one of my favorites. This morning on the radio on my way into work, they were talking about ordering out for Thanksgiving. The lady DJ was saying how she slaved over the stove all day, then had to clean the house, then the dishes. She didn't get to spend time with the family, and then she HAD to go shopping on Friday to buy Christmas gifts. I say that she is doing it all wrong. Why isn't it a labor of love to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for our families? Why can't all the women get in the kitchen and spend time together? Sure, I always clean my house before people come, but how important is that really? Do we live in such a pigsty that our everyday clean isn't good enough? And come on nobody HAS to go shopping on Black Friday! I usually do, but because I enjoy it. If you aren't doing it because you enjoy it, that is one day you should STAY HOME.

Something has happened in my life time to make women think that it is slavery to lovingly prepare a meal for your family. Trust me, one day they want need you to make a meal for them and if you aren't careful, they'll just stay home and order out on Thanksgiving day, too.


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