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Friday, June 10, 2011

For the Nieces & Nephews

When I was somewhere around 15 daddy got a pony from a man we went to church with. The pony's name was John and he hadn't been ridden for quite a few years. But daddy had in his mind that he could be retrained and be a good pony for the grand kids to ride. On Christmas day everyone was home, and I don't remember whose idea it was to get John out and ride him.

My youngest brother Earl decided that he would be the first to ride. And for a little bit it actually looked like John was going along with it. But then, the grand kids all got excited and went running and screaming toward the pony.
The next thing you know Earl is sitting on the ground and the pony was running down the dirt road next to the house.

All the men went running after the pony and boy did they have a chase. My sister-in-law, Carol, and I went to see if we could help. As we were walking down the dirt road we saw all the men coming back. Earl was once again, sitting on the pony. So, Carol and I turned around and headed back toward the house. We turned around a couple of seconds later to see what progress the men and John were making and lo and behold Earl was flat on his keester on the ground and the pony was running as hard as could across the corn field. Well, Carol and I almost rolled on the ground laughing. All we could see was that pony running like wild fire and all the men in our family running behind him.

My brother-in-law, Gilbert, jumped a fence to catch the pony and didn't know that there was a sow in there with piglets. And, if you don't know, you don't mess with a sow who has piglets. That sow came charging at Gilbert so Gilbert jumped the fence again, only this time he was in a much bigger hurry and didn't quite make it over the fence intact. He got caught on the fence and broke his leg.

With all the commotion, I really don't remember how they ever caught John or how Gilbert managed to get back to the house. But I do know that daddy got rid of John shortly after that.

He gave him to a farmer down the road for his grand kids, who by the way never rode him either.

I know we are a little sick, but that was a really funny Christmas. And for all the younger kids in the family this was the year after Gilbert shot his toe off. So he had 2 really rough years in a row. But even he laughs about it now.

Aunt Mae

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