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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

You would have blessed to know my dad. He was a wonderful man, had a great sense of humor, was a Southern Baptist preacher, only had a 4th grade education, and loved one woman.

He was riding on the back of a wagon when he saw my mother walking down the street and said to the guy next to him "That's the woman I am going to marry."  The guy laughed at him and told him he didn't even know that woman. Their marriage lasted over 50 years, through some might poor times and 7 children.

Mama & Daddy's 50th Anniversary Announcement

While I have lots of memories of my parents this is one just for Valentine's Day.

Roses are Red
By: J.W. Morris

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
God made me "purty".
What happened to you?

Remember, I said he had a wonderful sense of humor. I wonder if he ever knew that those silly things he said would stick with us kids for so long. That was close to 40 years ago when he said that and I can't hear some one say "Roses are Red" without thinking of him and smiling.

All of us girls used to say that our mama taught us that if we didn't love ourselves no one else would love us, either.  I think that daddy must have had a hand in teaching us that, too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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