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Thursday, March 12, 2009


It seems there are an awful lot of blogs out there posting about getting back to basics. It got me wondering how we ever left the basics. It seems the basics were good enough for a lot of generations.

I personally think that it all started with instant mashed potatoes. That is the first convenience food that I remember and maybe the only one that ever entered my mothers kitchen. After that came boxed mac & cheese then the microwave. We became a society that wanted everything instantly.

When young people get married these days, they expect to start out with everything that it took mama and daddy years to accumulate. We want it all and we want it now.

Why did we fall into this trap. Because it is easy. It's easy to take all the credit that is offered, it's easy to go through the drive through on the way home, it's easy to go out and buy new clothes when the old ones get torn or a button falls off.

I keep hearing on the TV what we deserve, we deserve the best, we deserve only good things, nothing bad should ever come our way. To one extent I agree with them, we do deserve the best. But, the best isn't always easy. Sometimes the best takes work. Those instant mashed potatoes could never compare to mashed potatoes that were dug from you own garden, peeled by you, diced, cooked and mashed by you.

Growing your own food, cooking real (not instant) food, mending your clothes, hanging clothes on the line to dry, these are all things we never should have left in the first place. So I guess I think we should all get back to the basics, too. Not just because of the economy, but because we deserve the best!



  1. Yep, it was the instant potatoes and the canned biscuits. As soon as those came out, a lot of things changed. Do you remember those horrible tv dinners from back in the 70's? Eeww weee I do and I still don't like thinking about them.

    I live a very basic life and I wouldn't trade it for those 70's when Mama was at work, I was at the sitter and dinner was in a cardboard box in the freezer.

    I've missed your blog Miss Mae.

  2. I know you've been busy. I can't wait until the weather gets nicer here so I can start my yard/garden work.