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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stocking Up-Cleaning Out

I have been stocking up on meat lately. There have been several really good deals here the last couple of weeks. I will be hitting the grocery on the way home tonight to get some London Broil on sale for $1.99/lb, whole chickens $.69/lb and pork chops 1.69/lb, OJ and milk $.88 1/2 gallon. I will have to stop in a couple of times this week because the store never has enough out at one time for you to really stock up. I guess they figure the more they can get you in the more you will spend.

I will be cleaning out my food cabinets and canning shelves this weekend to get an idea of how much I have on hand and also, how much canned things I have leftover before the garden is started.

We took soil samples for the vegetable garden and hay fields last week and should get the results back soon, then we will know how much fertilizer and lime to add. This is a way to save money. Our local Extension office sends the samples in with no charge to the client. Sometimes you find out that you really don't have to add as much fertilizer as you would think. We are also going to spread some goat compost on the garden and black berries.

The weather has been so nice the last 2 days. It really gives me a lot of energy to get things done. I do love opening the windows while I am cooking dinner and cleaning. I can't wait until Summer!


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  1. Hi Miss Mae :)

    I was explaining this same thing about the soil to my husband the other day. I told him we need to send samples and have them tested too. I'm sure ours needs a lot but I'd like to find out exactly what all it needs without guessing at it or buying the wrong things.

    I bet you're glad to see these nice temps rising. Dad lives in WVa. and I think your weather has been about the same as his this past winter, which was pretty rough for him.

    We've been working on cleaning out our pantry too, trying to use up things instead of continuing to buy more groceries. Having it all stocked up has helped us a lot since Mike's lay off.

    I need to get some links or some recipes from you for some of the things you can. I'm still new at all this stuff :)

    Take Care,