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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We lost a goat over the weekend. I know that it is going to happen, but I always hate it when it does. I hate it for Greg, he really hates when one dies. He feels as if he is to blame, but sometimes things just weren't meant to be. Some animals are just not as strong as others and their immune systems are not the same. Some animals look very healthy and they are not. I guess it's the same with people. The worst part is, it always seems like it's the prettiest ones that die. We are still trying to sell some of them and need to be more proactive in that.

The chickens all seem to be doing well. I still haven't figured out how we got 3 roosters, but I think it will be fun to put one in with the older chickens and see what happens. I hope they will accept him. When it gets warmer we may start putting him in the coop at night and taking him out in the morning. We had a chicken that they almost killed when they were younger. (Chickens definitely have a pecking order.) When I talked to the UK Extension Poultry Specialist he said that if we put her back in the coop at night they may eventually accept her. So after she recuperated, we did that and they did finally accept her. Her name is Reba (because she is a survivor). Chickens are a different sort of creature. Greg says that they only think 2 things. 1-Can I eat it? 2-Can it eat me? I think he's right. Sometimes they almost seem loyal. They'll follow you around the yard like dogs, then you realize they are only following you to see if you'll give them something to eat, or stir up a grasshopper or other insect.

We have had so much snow this week that it seems hard to think about a garden so I haven't done any planning yet. I must get started this weekend.

Have a great day!

May God grant you always...
A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering angel,
so nothing can harm you.

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