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Friday, January 17, 2014


With one of my goals for the new year being to be more financially responsible, I have been doing lots of research on budgeting. I have had a budget for several years and kept a spreadsheet in Excel. I have also been using Excel for long time, but never knew that Excel had budget sheets you download.  There are several different formats to choose from.  I chose this one: 
There was nothing wrong with the spreadsheet I made but this one just looks so much prettier.  It only took a little tweaking to make it what I wanted it to be. I wanted it to also track my savings so I made a column for savings and one for balances left on accounts like the mortgage.

We are saving for a BIG vacation to Disney World in 2015. I am trying to follow this plan:
But I am putting in more for the first weeks than $1.00. I am just sticking in whatever is leftover from our entertainment funds and a few dollars from my allowance each week.  It's turning out to be a lot more than the plan calls for. I hope that doesn't make it harder at the end. Hopefully I'll hit my mark a lot sooner than the plan calls for.

We are also trying to pay off a couple of things so extra money is going towards those bills, too.

I hope your goals are going well for the new year.

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