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Monday, January 13, 2014

New Discovery

We eat breakfast every morning. A couple of times a week it's bacon and eggs. Sometimes we eat cereal, or frozen breakfast sandwiches. We get eggs from our chickens and need to use them up. Most of the time I scramble them because it's much faster.  We really like Wright bacon. The thick sliced bacon. 2 pieces of it is plenty for a person for breakfast. But it is expensive. When it is on sale I usually stock up but even then it's $6/pound or higher. While I hate paying that much for bacon, I justify it because it lasts us for such a long time. But this week our Kroger had Wright smoked bacon ends & pieces, 3 lbs. for $7.99.  So I grabbed up a package. I have bought ends & pieces before but not a brand name, never seen it in a store before, only a no name brand. I cooked some this morning. The pieces are small and not what you would serve guest, but it tasted just as good as the regular bacon.  I also noticed that a lot of it is just lean pieces. My husband commented that it almost looked like ham. I am going to get a little freezer bag to put the pieces that are mostly fat (which seem to be few) in to throw in the freezer to use as seasoning. For a third of the price per pound, I figured I can use all of it for something.

The sausage and pasta dish I posted turned out to be pretty good. It's probably not going to be on the menu every week but for something different it was pretty good. I liked it more than Greg did.

Blessings for this past few days were hard for me because I had a root canal done and haven't felt very well since then. But I did get to babysit Lily and Sean Friday night and that was a blessing to spend time with them. We paid off our tractor today and that is a blessing.

Have a great day!

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