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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wow! Can You Believe it's 2014!

I am having a hard time believing it myself! Where oh where does the time go? All I know is I must be having a whole lot of fun cause time is flying.

Well, a new year brings with it a time to set new goals. As I looked back at last year's new year post I realize I dropped the ball on that goal really quickly. So I am adding that goal back as my first goal this year.

1. Look for a blessing each day. Write it down if I have the time, but look for one each day.
2. Be more financially responsible. We are trying to save for a Disney vacation in 2015 so we really need to be more diligent in saving and cutting back.
3. Drop a few pounds. My first goal is 27 pounds.
4. Continue to declutter and get rid of things I don't use or have room for.
5. Try at least one new recipe a week. I am actually thinking of making one week-end day new recipe day. But don't really want to get locked into that because weekends are hectic sometimes.

Looks like I am going to be busy this year.  Guess I better get started.

Hope you have a blessed 2014.

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