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Friday, January 3, 2014


Can I just say I am freezing to death? Well, I am sure I won't freeze to death, but it sure feels like it. It has gotten to a balmy 8° here today.  Even with the sun shining it's doggone C.O.L.D.  I start shivering from the inside and it works its way to the outside. Yesterday on my way home I shivered so much my neck and back were hurting. And next week it's supposed to be even worse. We could see temperatures as low as -8°. Somebody tell me why I left Florida again.

Sounds like a good weekend for a pot of soup or chili. I will be taking down the Christmas tree and decorations this weekend. And trying to get my house back in order.  You would think I would have done all that while I was off, but Greg doesn't like for me to take the tree down til after New Year's day.

Counting my blessings has been easy for that last two days. Yesterday's was we both got home safe and sound and at reasonable hours during the snow storm. Today's was that I made it work in one piece, on my own.  You might not think that's a big deal, but I have never had to drive in snow.  Even though we have been up here for 10 years, I always rode to work with Greg, until I started working in the county we live in. Now I go one way and he goes another.  So it is a big deal to me.

Hope you have a great, warm weekend.

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