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Friday, October 31, 2008

Clear Jel & "Make A Mix"

Over the summer I ordered Clear Jel to can pie filling. I accidentally ordered the instant kind. Since you cannot make returns I am trying to find ways to use it. I searched the internet and found recipes for cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soups. I assembled the dry ingredients together in little packets. This week I used my first packet to make cream of mushroom soup for a dish that I make. It was pretty good. I haven’t figured out a cost for the substitute but I am sure it is a lot cheaper than the store bought and easier to keep on hand. I still haven’t tried the cream of chicken, but I think it will be better and easier than the mushroom.

Here is the recipe:

Cream Soup
1/3 cup Clear Jel (Instant)
1/3 cup dry powdered milk
1 tsp. salt and1/8 tsp. Pepper
1/4 tsp. Garlic powder
6 mushrooms or beef or chicken base (I used the mushrooms that I dried a couple of weeks ago)

Put all ingredients into blender.

Blend then add 2 1/2 cup milk and blend again, add mushrooms or base to taste, blend 10 sec.This is good for casseroles which will be heated. It saves the cost and salt of canned soup, or the bother of white sauce.

I assembled the dry ingredients together, made an envelope from aluminum foil, and poured it in. Then when I was ready to use it I added the milk and blended it. I think it makes more than one can of the condensed soup and the flavor was the same.

I have been putting together a lot of mixes lately. I have made Taco Seasoning, Onion Soup mix, and Seasoned Salt. I have a cookbook called “Make A Mix” and it is great. I highly recommend it. It gives you recipes for things like taco seasoning, sloppy joe seasoning and baking mix. I have really liked everything I have made from this book. It is probably the most used cookbook I have bought in a long time. Some of the benefits of this book are: you don’t have to use preservatives, msg. and those kinds of things. Most of the mixes are things that you have on hand. If you go to the cupboard and don’t have a mix you just whip one up. And they save you a lot of money. I know a packet of taco seasoning is less than $1.00 usually, but I made 2 packets for less than $.50.

Have a great weekend!


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